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My work life in summary. If you are looking for a DBA, Full Stack Developer or DevOps Engineer, my resume can be found here as a MS Word document or a PDF document.


Cat pictures, juggling progress videos, & etcetera.


A few of my meager contributions to the open source world. It is my great failing that my Kardashian Killfile didn't catch on.

Writing samples.

"Scott has never played the Strip." - Criss Angel

Tentacles Are Not To Be Trusted

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My name is Scott Vranesh-Fallin and I am a Database Administrator and DevOps Engineer living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am married with two cats. I hold a Doctorate of Divinity from the Universal Life Church and am an ordained minister of that same church. I am authorized to perform wedddings in the State of Nevada.


I am a writer by avocation and techie by vocation. In a former life, I was the founder and principal developer of kha0S Linux, a security hardened distribution of the Linux operating system. In my free time I enjoy writing short stories, essays, and other forms of narrative non-fiction.


Las Vegas has few brick and mortar bookstores. For what it is worth, I like to support The Writer's Block on 6th Street. The have great coffee, a nice selection of books, and a patio. I love to people watch and write outside when the weather is nice.


Below is a list of my writing projects:

Title One

Description of Title One

Title Two

Description of Title Two